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As said before I am always looking at things to add to the computer in the car, well and the car in general.
Listed below are some of the current projects I am working on. Please feel free to comment on them.

MF Steering Wheel Retrofit

Description : Retrofitting of a E46 Steering wheel with multifunction buttons into an E36.

Updated: 23/08/2006

Status: In progress

Done so far: Steering wheel has been obtained, although same basic shape as existing steering wheel, slip ring and airbag are different. Slip ring has been obtained, with bonus of indicator and wiper stalks (these may be need as well). IBUS circuit board has also been obtained this will allow the use of the buttons through the IBUS system to the PC. IBUS has been tested and works with computer. Airbag has been obtained.

Still to do: Modification of steering wheel and slip ring. And then fit to car.

Current Steering Wheel Multifunction Steering Wheel Current Steering Wheel Fitment Multifunction Sterring Wheel Fitment

Current Slip ring MF Slip Ring Air bags

Screen in Headrests

Description : Fitting a Lilliput 7" LCD screen in headrests.

Updated: 30/04/2005

Status: Completed

Done so far: Spare headrests have been obtained. One has been taken apart and frame designed and built for lilliput. Inside padding has been taken out and plastic support has been trimmed. USB connector has been bought and lead made. Leather fixed to frame with staples and Lilliput put in. Now in car and working.

Still to do: Second one for other headrest. Need to purchase another monitor for this.

Donor Headrest Open From Bottom Holed Headrest Wooden Frame

Lilliput in Headrest View from outside Direct view View from behind drivers seat

Centre Console Screen Facia

Description : Fabricating a surround for the screen in the front dash to replace the current 2D one. This one to incorporate the buttons

Updated: 23/08/2006

Status: In progress

Done so far: Spare dash has been obtained, clay model made and a plaster cast made from model. Fibreglass Surround has been made and sprayed, although it needs more sanding, switch PCB is in place, just need to fabricate some buttons. IR sensor works.

Still to do: More sanding required, then a decision on what kind of paint, textured or non-textured matt or gloss.

Foil Backing Clay surround Clay surround Lower Corner Upper Corner

Clay model in plaster Plaster mould Glass Fibre in the Plaster Bezel taken out of mould Bezel Cleaned up a bit

Bezel almost done

Rear Spoiler

Description : Adding the Motorsport rear spoiler with brake light to boot.

Updated: 20/02/2005

Status: On Hold

Done so far:Spoiler purchased and sprayed. Also lacquered.

Still to do: Not happy with the spraying, colour doesn't match at present. May have to sand down and get it resprayed. This will have to wait till warmer weather gets here.

PC Upgrade

Description : Replace current PC with a purpose built one.

Updated: 23/08/2006

Status: In progress

Done so far:Parts purchased : Micro ATX board, XP2000/2400 processor, 30Gb 2.5 drive, DVD rom, 150w Opus PSU, 256Mb memory.

Still to do: Put system together, install XP Pro and test. Then add front end software RoadRunner and other ancillary software.

Plexi Case

Description : Purpose built plexi glass case, with blue lighting.

Updated: 23/08/2006

Status: In Progress

Done so far:Main base and PC card backplane in place. Plexi glass for rest of sides purchased. Sides test stuck on with Double sided tape. Opus PSU now in situ

Still to do:Top and front need to be put in place and the harddrives installed. Plus an extra pieces

Boot Enclosure

Description : Enclosed shelf in boot to incorporate PC and Multi-CD Changer.

Updated: 23/08/2006

Status: In Progress

Done so far: Plan has changed (actually two or three times). Now going for PC mounted against backwall of boot with a false front. Plexi case now on MDF board awaiting test install in boot.

Still to do: Construct false front, run cables from new high quality distribution block above battery. Install hinges to plexi case MDF board.

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